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Flashblock logo Have you ever found it hard to read something on a Web site, because the content was surrounded by blinking, flashing images?

Lorenzo Colitti and Philip Chee, have developed software, which eliminates that problem for Firefox users.

Flashblock is a Firefox add–on, which replaces the content of Flash, Shockwave, and Authorware files with a neutral image, to fill the space. Click on the image to view the content, or ignore it.

Years ago, it was simple to turn off animated gifs when they annoyed you, and thanks to the efforts of Lorenzo Colitti and Philip Chee, we can turn off today᾿s Flash annoyances easily too.

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NoScript 38, Javascript 0

noScript logo Javascript is responsible for most of the problems people encounter while surfing the Web. Almost every Web browser understands Javascript, and the language is a prime target for attack.

I just checked CERT, which studies software vulnerabilities at Carnegie Mellon, and found 38 security advisories relating to Javascript. That’s 38 they found, what about the rest?

NoScript by Giorgio Maone makes it is easy to turn Javascript off, as well as enabling it only for specific sites. Most banking and shopping sites require Javascript, but it is not needed all the time. Turn it off, and relax.

NoScript makes the Web safer, and ultimately, more enjoyable. PC World selected NoScript as part of their Ten Step Security Plan too.

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Bring Back Web 1.0

Try using Flashblock and NoScript together, to experience a kinder, gentler, Web.