What Happened to Bear Grylls?

from Discovery Spoof Bear Grylls will be back on the Discovery Channel next week, but he was curiously omitted from Sunday night’s You Spoof Discovery special on the Discovery Channel.

Viewers were invited to submit videos spoofing their favorite Discovery Channel shows. A media kit, containing sample sounds and effects is available to help contestants get started.

Discovery selected 23 of submissions and turned it all into a one hour “parody special.” Some of videos were really impressive, and viewers clearly put plenty of time and effort into these short films.

What Happened to Bear Grylls?

A List of Winners represents every Discovery show except Man vs. Wild.

Although this show was obviously produced while Man vs. Wild was suspended, Discovery had plenty of time to include a statement, or an apology.

Unfortunately, the video submission form for the next show, doesn’t include Man vs. Wild, either.

Why is Discovery treating Bear Grylls like a second class citizen?