Where Did My Brain Go?

Therapeutic Winter Bicycle Rides in Florida

I have always considered bicycle riding to be a form of therapy, rather than exercise. I ditched my speedometer and odometer years ago.

I left my companion six months ago, because she refused to stop drinking. Riding a bicycle eases my stress.

I have been living with a friend in Fort Lauderdale for the past month. I explore the area on my bicycle, four or five days a week.

I miss Tampa. Winter days are 10-15 degrees warmer in Fort Lauderdale, but Tampa has more places to ride. Tampa bicycle riders smiled as they pedaled along Hillsborough Bay. Fort Lauderdale riders are not as friendly.

South Tampa offered me 12 miles of nearly traffic-free bicycle paths, with gorgeous scenery. Fort Lauderdale’s bicycle riders must deal with traffic, tourists and drawbridges.

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

A friend from high school introduced me to the Hollywood Broadwalk (shown). The bicycle lane is the light colored, empty lane on the right of the photo.

The Hollywood Broadwalk is only 2.5 miles long, but it is very pleasant. You cannot ride fast.

Stress dissipates, riding along an immaculate beach, full of happy tourists on towels and under umbrellas.

My buddy and I are returning to the Broadwalk on Wednesday morning. We plan to arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Winter Rides on Daytona Beach

My post-relationship journey, included a month in Ormond Beach, Florida. Ormond Beach has hotels, but it is primarily residential.

The sand on Ormond Beach and neighboring Daytona Beach is firm, and suitable for bicycles and cars.

Cars are not permitted on Ormond Beach. However, Daytona Beach thrives on tourism. Bulldozers pack the sand on Daytona Beach, improving the surface for tourists, bicycles and cars.

Daytona Beach is 23 miles long. A few cars drive by, but they travel slowly. There are many sea gulls and a few beached jellyfish.

Daytona Beach has a small boardwalk with a 5000 seat bandshell for free outdoor concerts. An arcade with skee ball machines, reminds me of Coney Island.

Daytona Beach is usually empty during the Winter, but it is chilly. Morning temperatures are often below 50, with an afternoon high of about 70. There is a constant ocean breeze on the beach.

I hope you are enjoying Winter bicycle riding in Florida!