Where Did My Brain Go?

Waiting for the 2014 New York Giants

The Super Bowl is a distant memory. The formally formidable New York Giants started this season by losing their first six games.

Coach Tom Coughlin expressed disappointment, but also noted that his players never gave up, winning seven of their last ten games. However, the Giants won most of their games against teams that were missing their starting quarterback.

The first Giants victory was the only game that Josh Freeman started for the Minnesota Vikings. Michael Vick started his last game of the season when Giants beat the Eagles the following week with interceptions and field goals. No touchdowns.

Where Was the 2013 Offense?

Giants stopped scoring touchdowns. The Giants were ranked 30th in 2013 red zone scoring. Giants were ranked ninth in 2011 and thirteenth in 2012. Eli Manning led the NFL in interceptions. Nevertheless, Manning was under more pressure. Manning was sacked 39 times this year, 19 in 2012.

Clearly, something was wrong.

Kevin KillDrive Gilbride explained what happened after he retired.

Gilbride did not mention devastating injuries to Brandon Jacobs and David Wilson, the Giants two best running backs. David Wilson was seriously injured in game 5. Wilson will undergo neck surgery soon. I hope David Wilson has a successful operation and returns to the Giants.

Brandon Jacobs Retires

Brandon Jacobs provided a bright spot, rushing for two touchdowns and 106 yards, in a 27-20 loss to the Chicago Bears, before he was injured.

Brandon Jacobs retired after knee surgery. Thank you Brandon Jacobs for the inspirational talent that you brought to the NY Giants, and I hope you have a 100% recovery.

2014 New York Giants

The Super Bowl gang is gone. Eli Manning is 33. Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese have lots of work to do, to return the Giants to formidability in 2014.

Go Giants!