What does (wt) mean?

Bear Grylls I wanted to write about Bear Grylls today.

I have not written anything for almost a month at Where Did My Brain Go? so I turned to my favorite topic, and looked for news.

Starting Off

I started at the logical place, Bear’s Blog, but it has not been updated since November 25th. So I surfed over to http://discovery.com/bear/ where I ran into Discovery’s awful Flash monstrosity. I cannot figure out anything from that site, and I really wish they would change it.

Where is Bear Grylls News?

My next stop, was Discovery’s schedule, where I finally learned something.

Bear Eats (wt) will debut tomorrow (Dec 21) at 9 P.M. Discovery’s description:

“In this special film Bear Grylls takes us to nature’s kitchen.
It seems nothing–except maybe the fat of on a camel’s hump- is beyond Bear Grylls.”

Note: Discovery’s typos.

I searched for mission everest, to see if it was also called a “special film,“ but it has been removed from their site.

Bear Eats (wt)

A “special film” sounds good, but what does the (wt) mean? After a search through schedules, I tried email to help@discovery.com, expecting it to have an autoresponder. No such luck. No reply.

My next stop was Discovery’s lengthy, but useless, TV FAQ, which contained a link to their site map.

The site map led me to Viewer Relations where, under “Question regarding,” I finally found “Discovery.com Web site.”

I sent them this message:

what does (wt) mean?
As in "Bear Eats (wt)" ?
FYI: I write about Bear Grylls at:

I pressed Send with a sigh of relief, certain that my “FYI” would produce a response in seconds:

Thank you for contacting Viewer Relations.

We make every effort to reply within one week of receipt of your message.

Please check our website for additional information..http://www.discovery.com

A Week?

I can’t wait a week! Can somebody please tell me what (wt) means?



Bonnie from Discovery answered:

wt stands for working title
when a program hasn’t been finalized in post-production.

Thanks Bonnie!