Where Did My Brain Go?

Where is Bear?

What happened to Bear Grylls, and why isn’t he back on TV?

I wrote about about the Grylls fiasco three weeks ago, and fully expected him to issue an apology. Sadly, I cannot watch Bear’s exploits after lunch anymore, because Grylls still has not apologized, and Man vs. Wild is still off the air.

UK’s Channel 4 is not renewing their version of the Grylls show for next season. The Discovery Channel was supposed to bring his show back with a disclaimer, unfortunately, Bear seems to have been replaced in the schedule by Survivorman.

Another Blow for Bear

Grylls suffered another setback over the weekend, when the UK Sunday Times reported that he faked scenes on a Hawaiian volcano.

In one episode Grylls was supposed to be on top of a volcano, surrounded by pits of molten lava, and engulfed by noxious fumes. It was terrific!

Alas, it was too terrific for anyone, including Bear Grylls, because his crew created the lava and smoke. The ersatz lava was actually coals, of the barbecue variety, and the smoke was Hollywood smoke.

Bring Bear Back

Despite all of Bear’s chicanery, I really miss Man vs. Wild.

The Discovery Channel should rename “Man vs. Wild” —> “The Adventures of Bear Grylls” and bring it back as fiction. Grylls should be allowed to use special effects.

Bear Grylls Meets The Mythbusters

The Discovery Channel should precede each show with a warning:

“Don’t Try This At Home!”

Do you think Bear Grylls should be allowed to use stunt doubles too?