Woke Domains for Sale

After I created COVID USA News, I bought some “woke domains” to create news blogs. But I lost interest in blogging. Would you like to buy my woke domains?

What is Woke?

aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice) — Merriam-Webster dictionary

Stay Woke!

Woke is often used with “stay woke,” to be vigilant.

We have a moral obligation to ‘stay woke,’ take a stand and be active — Representative Barbara Lee (D)

Woke Culture

Woke sounds wonderful, but “woke culture” spreads radical ideas.

Woke culture is speeding our country toward ideological and literal segregation — Senator Tim Scott (R)

Democrats and Republicans are both excited about “woke culture” and “woke politics.”

How about you?

Too Woke? Not woke enough?

Are you a racist, if you are not woke?

Whether you like it or not, woke is part of our culture and vocabulary. Buy woke domains to spread the word: as you see it.

Stay Woke! Don’t Fall Asleep!

Buy woke domains to discuss woke politics.

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Woke Domains for Woke Bloggers

Woke 911 is one of my favorite woke domains.

What is woke about 911?

“911” can refer to a sports car, emergency telephone number, or September 11th.

Woke Argentina
Woke Arizona
Woke Australia
Woke Austria
Woke Brazil
Woke California
Woke Colorado
Woke Cuba
Woke Denmark
Woke Finland
Woke Florida
Woke France
Woke Georgia
Woke Germany
Woke Greece
Woke Illinois
Woke Iran
Woke Iraq
Woke Ireland
Woke Israel
Woke Italy
Woke Japan
Woke Kentucky
Woke Ladies
Woke Massachusetts
Woke Mexico
Woke Michigan
Woke Minnesota
Woke New Jersey
Woke New Mexico
Woke North Carolina
Woke Ohio
Woke Pennsylvania
Woke Russia
Woke Switzerland
Woke Venezuela
Woke Vermont
Woke Vets
Woke Victims
Woke Virginia
Woke Washington

Is Washington woke? is a great domain for a Website about woke and anti-woke politics.

Everybody Knows Woke

Republicans and Democrats use “woke” for different reasons.

Democrats want to be woke. But Republicans think wokeness is ruining the country.

Use my woke domains to create a news blog. Tell the world how you feel about woke politics and woke culture.