Where Did My Brain Go?

Burress Hoping for Celebrity Justice

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau has finally convened a Grand Jury to investigate the charges against Plaxico Burress. Morgenthau said he expects a decision in “three to four weeks”

Burress is charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and faces a mandatory sentence of 3 1/2 years in jail, for each offense.

Roger Goodell Decision Nears

NBC’s Pro Football Talk reported that Goodell and Burress are expected to meet during the week of August 3 — two weeks from now.

Burress has clearly violated NFL Personal Conduct Policy, and is guaranteed some sort of suspension.

Plaxico Who?

Goodell must suspend Plaxico Burress soon, to keep his name out of headlines, during NFL season.

A timely Grand Jury indictment, followed by a mandatory sentence, will keep his name out of UFL headlines too.

UPDATE : July 28, 2009

Newsday just reported that Burress will testify before Grand Jury at 10 A.M. tomorrow.

Yesterday, New York Post reported that Morgenthau wants Burress to serve at least two years in prison.

Burress deserves it.


Although Morgenthau has been Manhattan’s District Attorney for 34 years, I managed to spell his name wrong several times, Where Did My Brain Go?