Where Did My Brain Go?

Everyone Else

After a few weeks of soul–searching, apathy, and indecision, I have finally figured out what do with this blog.

I am simply going to write.

I know how to write, and I finally know what to write to about. I am going to write about almost everything. Everything except politics.

Let’s face it, it’s all about pretty polly.

If you don’t understand Nadsat, and never read A Clockwork Orange, just call it cash.

Homeland Insecurity

The useless war in Iraq is not about freedom, it is about the Iraq Freedom Fund. Traumatic brain injuries are simply an unfortunate by–product.

I predict that the Iraqi War will end the week before Election Day, and will start again a couple of weeks later. In another year or so, we will probably declare war on Iran too.

What? Me Worry? I live in Lexington, Kentucky, where tonight’s big news story is Construction Continues On Lexington’s Roadways. I will be safe.

Nobody thinks Osama is here, either.

Where’s My Erector Set?

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 is not about keeping Mexicans, or drugs, or Spanish Fly out, it’s about bringing in moolah, scratch, simoleons.

The idiotic Mexican wall will cost the “average American” $98.25, and bring in billions for everyone who not only builds the wall, but for everyone who feeds, clothes, and houses all the workers too.

America’s Terrorists

America is sliding down a slippery slope, and Congress is doing very little to stop it, even though most of this Administration’s key benchmarks have not been met.

The Candidates

The ones who aren’t in office, are spending other people’s money trying to get there.

John Edwards is the most honest candidate. After he was caught spending his campaign contributions on $400 haircuts he went to Eastern Kentucky, a couple of hundred miles from Lexington, where addressed the impoverished crowd, quite honestly, saying that there are “two Americas”.

the very rich and everyone else

I shall leave politics to the very rich, and write about everyone else.