Where Did My Brain Go?

I Found Bear Grylls

I found Bear Grylls today. And he was right where he belonged.

Searching for Bear Grylls

I can finally stop saying Where is Bear Grylls? because it does not matter anymore. I can cancel my Google News Alert too.

Where’s Bear?

Man vs. Wild is back on Discovery’s schedule. Bear Grylls will challenge Alaska’s Chugach Mountains as well as 60 Minutes, on Sunday, September 24, at 7 P.M.

I entered my email address to receive a reminder to watch Bear Grylls’s semi–triumphant return to TV, and it seemed to go through. What makes it more interesting, is that the date entry on the page has been disabled.

Discovery lists this single broadcast as Man vs. Wild’s entire schedule from August 28th to September 28th and it is impossible to search for future broadcasts.

This episode is a rerun from last year, where Bear Grylls “shows viewers what it takes to survive in one of the coldest environments on earth.”

The Television Event of the Year?

The big moment will be the Bear Grylls disclaimer. Is Bear Grylls going to say anything, or will we just see a graphic? Will we have to buy a book to get his side of the story?

I did some research, and The Alaskan Chugach Wilderness Lodge, which accommodates up to ten guests, and is “accessible only by bush plane in the summer and snow machine in the winter,” is the nicest place to stay in the area.

Will Bear Grylls tell us if he stayed in one of its five cozy free standing cabins?

Instant Gratification?

If you cannot wait a month to see Bear Grylls, watch Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls is a Phony now. It shows close ups of Bear Grylls’s life jacket, which he wore floating down a river, while he claimed that a plastic bag in his backpack (rucksack) was his only floatation device.

It is unfortunate that Bear Grylls is not the man with too much testoterone that he claimed to be. But watching Bear Grylls floating down a rapid river, even with a hidden life jacket, is still exciting, and Bear Grylls will be around for a long time.