Where Did My Brain Go?

Spreading Lies About Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras do not prevent accidents. Red light cameras are installed to make money.

Some bureaucrats were bribed to bring red light cameras into their communities. Red light cameras can raise money, but they cause auto collisions. In 2011, red light camera manufacturers used 40 lobbyists to defeat legislation that would have extended yellow lights, to reduce car accidents.

West Palm Beach, Florida added 25 red light cameras in 2013, despite statistics that showed an increase in crashes. Melissa Wandall promoted the red light cameras at a WPB City Commission meeting. West Palm Beach Mayor Geraldine (Jeri) Muoio comically said:

We're really doing this for the right reason, which is safety

I was unable to learn if red light camera manufacturers contributed to Mayor Muoio's campaign.

Redflex is Toxic

Redflex has received the most publicity, for bribing bureaucrats.

Redflex submitted the lowest bid, but was not selected to install up to 80 red light cameras in Orlando. Orlando did not want to be involved with Redflex after Redflex lost its largest contract for bribing city officials in Chicago.

Redflex allegedly paid millions of dollars in bribes to John Bills. Bills also received a annual salary of $138,000 as managing deputy of the Chicago Department of Transportation.

John Bills retired from his city job, and went to work for Redflex. Bills was the subject of a Federal investigation in 2013.

The Blame Game

Redflex tried to blame of its misconduct on Aaron Rosenberg, their top salesman. Rosenberg was sent to anti-bribery training, after Redflex learned that Rosenberg paid a $910 hotel bill for John Bills.

Redflex fired Rosenberg in 2013, claiming that his "dishonest and unethical conduct" caused their problems. Rosenberg countersued. He claims that he was told to "take one for the team and accept full blame."

Aaron Rosenberg claims that he was "following orders." Aaron Rosenberg filed a civil defamation lawsuit against Redflex after he was fired. Rosenberg is also helping the Feds investigate Redflex. He said that while working for Redflex, he:

bestowed gifts and bribes on company officials in dozens of municipalities within, but not limited to the following states: California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia.

Rosenberg's lawyer said:

I don't think it would come as a surprise to anyone involved in this case that my client is cooperating with federal authorities

What Happened to John Bills, Aaron Rosenberg, Redflex?

Exactly one year ago, the Chicago Tribune reported that John Bills was the subject of a Federal investigation. Was he ever charged with a crime? Has the investigation ended?

Chicago Tribune reported that Aaron Rosenberg was cooperating with a Federal investigation, two months ago. Has this investigation ended?

Redflex still sells red light camera systems with "no upfront costs" and "potential to generate surplus funds."

Red Light Cameras In Florida

I never considered the operation of traffic signals or the duration of yellow lights, until I started writing about red light cameras in Florida. I have stopped making right turns on a red light at intersections with cameras.

I am glad that St. Petersburg removed red light cameras because accidents and revenue dropped after yellow lights were extended. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy.

Melissa Wandall Loves Red Light Cameras

I was watching my local news channel yesterday, when I heard an endorsement for red light cameras from their manufacturer.

Melissa Wandall is the President of National Coalition for Safer Roads. NCSR is funded by American Traffic Solutions, the company that just lost its contract in St. Petersburg. ATS also manufactured the infamous red light camera in Tamarac, outside the emergency room entrance to University Hospital.

ATS employee Wandall lamented the removal of St. Pete's cameras on the news. Wandall said:

Since they're not making any money on these cameras, instead of just moving the cameras to a different location, they're getting rid of the program.

Unfortunately, Bay News 9 did not mention that Melissa Wandall works for ATS or that you can hire her to give speeches about red light cameras.

This article is an "advertisement." It is not "news."