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John Bills Pleads Not Guilty to Redflex Bribes

John Bills, former Managing Deputy Commissioner with the Chicago Department of Transportation, and his buddy Martin O’Malley pleaded not guilty to Federal bribery charges yesterday. Bills and O’Malley are charged with rigging contracts for Chicago’s red light camera program.

Government is Slow!

John Bills was the subject of a Federal investigation in 2013. I asked What Happened to John Bills, Aaron Rosenberg, Redflex? six months ago. Bills, O’Malley and former Redflex CEO Karen Finley, were indicted in March.

The future looks bleak for Bills and Finley.

Chicago Tribune reported that O’Malley is cooperating with investigators. Aaron Rosenberg, who was formerly Redflex’s top salesperson is also cooperating with investigators.

Red light camera programs are motivated by greed, not safety. Chicago recently reviewed thousands of questionable red light camera tickets to determine if drivers should receive refunds.