Where Did My Brain Go?

Just Writing

I started Where Did My Brain Go? to discuss traumatic brain injuries, and their lifelong problems. Unfortunately, I was quickly distracted by Iraq Freedom Fund and politics.

There was never any good news to report either. I wrote my final article about TBIs, Toronto Tragedies, almost a year ago, after I learned that over half of Toronto’s homeless have traumatic brain injuries. It included the photo shown here, by Spirited Angel from her Toronto Life collection.

Blogging is supposed to be fun, but I was not having fun writing about traumatic brain injuries, so I stopped searching for news about them.

What Happened to Bear Grylls?

I began writing about Bear Grylls, in No News is Better News, after it was revealed that he had faked parts of Man vs. Wild, my favorite television show of all–time.

I rejoiced when he finally apologized, marveled when he reinvented himself, and applauded when he was named Chief Scout of UK. I also researched, and wrote about the location of each episode of Man vs. Wild, for the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

Most of the visitors want to know about Bear Grylls’s primary residences, his vacation home in Phuket Thailand, and his photo gallery. Many people also want to know if Grylls is gay, which I think is funny, considering that he has three children.

Unfortunately for Mr. Grylls, and my visitors, I disconnected my television set a few months ago, to devote more time to remainder of my life. I went out to see this season’s premiere, and took notes for an article, which I never wrote. I have not watched any other episodes this season. It is inconvenient, and I guess I lost interest.

New Ideas

My focus changed after I wrote C–Murder Miller Gets Life. I discovered Corey “C–Murder” Miller accidentally, searching for “Miller” in the news. Before I realized it, I had spent a couple of hours reading about his astounding antics, and decided to write about him.

I was surprised, not only by the number of people who visited this article, but that Google Analytics reported “Average Time on Page” at over six minutes! People actually read it!

I also tried something different nine days ago, on Almost WordPress to Drupal, tracking my progress (or lack of it) with Tweets. It received less visitors, but the ones who came, stayed for over nine minutes, and 75% of them stayed on this site.

Just Writing

Are readers interested in my life?

Please check out my new Writing page. My first two attempts are a poem and essay.

My poem, Sixth Avenue Story, is eight lines about Amy, who lived on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan — now known as ”Avenue of the Americas.”

My essay, The Bank, describes my first few months training to become a “professional pontificator,” or specifically, a “Lock Box Product Specialist,” at a Manhattan bank, in 1981.

Thank you readers!