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Plaxico Burress Is Scared

Plaxico Burress, who is listed as 6'5", 232 pounds, is afraid to go to jail.

His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, announced that he has been unable to reach an agreement with New York City, to keep his client out of jail, and will request an adjourment when the most idiotic New York Giant of all-time, returns to court on Monday.

Burress is charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and faces a mandatory sentence of 3 1/2 years in jail, for each offense.

As previously noted, Mayor Bloomberg, the number one fellow you should not annoy, is very annoyed, because he expects Burress to be a role model for youngsters.

Bloomberg has every right to be annoyed. You simply cannot let people get away with shooting unlicensed handguns in Manhattan night clubs.

Despite rumors that Jets and Bears want to sign him, I think the 31 year-old Burress’s NFL career is over.

Consider that Brafman, a high-profile attorney, who previously defended “Puff Daddy” and Michael Jackson, has been unable to reach an agreement for several months. Plus — Burress still faces some kind of punishment, from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I think Burress will serve three years, and then be suspended for another year, which will end his career.

Hey Plax! The next time you want to stuff something down your pants, try a codpiece, instead of a loaded gun!