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Discover the latest version of Quick Mail.

Quick Mail 1.2.0 : recent addresses I wrote the Quick Mail WordPress plugin, to send an email with an attachment from WordPress administration pages.

User lists, to send email to a site’s users, were added after comments on WP Tavern and WordPress.

File uploads were improved when Quick Mail was updated for WordPress 4.1.1.

I enjoy using Quick Mail, but I dislike retyping addresses. I updated Quick Mail, with a helpful feature.

Saving Email Addresses with HTML 5

From my original article:

I would like to use HTML5 Web Storage to save the last ten recipients.

Unfortunately, that requires lots of code.

It is a useful feature. It required lots of code, because the domain must be checked before the form is submitted, to save a valid address. Previous versions of Quick Mail checked the domain after the form was submitted.

How to Save Email Addresses with Quick Mail

Quick Mail : do not show users Select “Do Not Show Users” on Quick Mail settings.

Quick Mail will add a “Recent” selection with up to five email addresses.

The recipient’s email address is saved, after a message is sent.

I originally wanted to save ten emails, but five worked better during testing.


HTML 5 storage is not permanent.
Each browser works differently. Storage can be erased when a browser cache is cleared. HTML 5 storage can also be disabled in a browser’s settings.

HTML 5 storage is not secure.
Saved addresses are stored by the Web browser, not WordPress. Multiple Quick Mail users on the same computer and browser, might share storage. This is can be fixed by starting Web browsers with a user profile, or clearing the browser’s cache after logging out of WordPress.

How to Delete Email Addresses in Quick Mail 1.2.0

Clear saved addresses in Quick Mail 1.2.0 I was testing Quick Mail, and wanted to clear my addresses. I cleared my browser cache, but the addresses persisted. I cannot clear my own browser, and a user must be able to clear their Quick Mail address list.

I added a “Clear Saved Addresses” button to Options (shown) to clear addresses. This button is only displayed if addresses were saved, and displays the total number of saved messages.

Select “Clear Saved Addresses” on Options to erase your saved addresses. There is no warning or undo.

Send Text or HTML Mail

Sent by Quick Mail 1.2.0 Quick Mail 1.2.0 can send HTML or plain text email.

Previous versions of Quick Mail used sanitize_text_field to strip HTML and line feeds.

It was nice to be able to paste anything into a message, and send plain text. It was annoying not to be able to paste in a Web page, or have paragraphs.

If you paste a Web page into Quick Mail 1.2.0, the recipient will see it. This is handy for sharing documents, instead of links.

The image above is a screenshot from a sample included with the plugin. Send the sample to a friend, to let them know about Quick Mail.

HTML Mail and Detection

HTML mail programs accept and display almost anything.

I can display green text in the middle of a plain text email, because most mailers are set to send HTML mail.

Quick Mail 1.2.0, like its predecessors, is set to send plain text mails. I detect the message format to send complete Web pages or HTML snippets.

HTML tags start with <
For example: <html>

Quick Mail considers a message to be HTML, if it starts with <

This behavior is different than some mailers, which send everything as HTML.

Validating Domain Name

invalid domain was entered

jQuery sends the email address to a PHP program, which validates the domain, before the form is submitted.

I kept translated error messages out of the JavaScript, by showing or hiding them with jQuery.

Invalid email addresses are not added to the “Recent” list.

Minimum and Maximum Message Size

I was surprised to discover that previous versions of Quick Mail did not enforce size limits on messages. The minimum message length is now two characters. “OK” is valid message.

My Libertarian spirit rose after I stopped sanitizing text, so there is no message limit.

Your browser has a limit. Be reasonable. Send larger files as attachments, instead of pasting them as text.

Quick Mail 1.2.0 Changes

  • Does not sanitize text.
  • Send HTML or plain text email.
  • Select an email address from previous recipient addresses.
  • Added JavaScript file to manage mail validation and entry.
  • Added PHP file to verify email domain for JavaScript.
  • Moved domain validation function to a separate file.
  • Improved install / uninstall.
  • Default options are “show admin” and “show all users.” Works on sites with one user.
  • Moved plugin functions into a class.

Get Quick Mail 1.2.0

Download Quick Mail 1.2.0 from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Post questions in support. Please leave a review.

Fork Quick Mail on GitHub to add your own options and features.

Quick Mail is the easiest way to send an email with an attachment from to another WordPress user on your site. Quick Mail 1.2.0 is the easiest way to send a complete Web page, or HTML snippet from WordPress.

I hope Quick Mail increases your productivity, and improves your life.