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Quick Mail for WordPress 4.8

Discover the latest version of Quick Mail.

Quick Mail is a WordPress plugin. Use Quick Mail to send an email with shortcodes and attachments from the WordPress dashboard. Quick Mail includes options to send email to members of your site, or anyone.

Quick Mail was created to send email to WordPress users on a site, without looking up their email addresses.

Quick Mail was published two years ago. I use Quick Mail regularly, and try to improve it.

What’s New in Quick Mail 3.0.4?

Updated July 1, 2017: Added Russian translation. Props @orlov562.

My previous update was prompted by a support message that Quick Mail interfered with other mail functions, by resetting the the content type without restoring the previous setting.

I wanted to fix a bug report. It seemed easy :(

I failed to notice that Quick Mail also reset wp_mail_failed, to display a detailed error message, if mail could not be sent.

Quick Mail 3.0.4 changes wp_mail settings before sending mail, and resets them after mail was sent.

I have seen WordPress sites with 30-40 plugins. Quick Mail should not interfere with other plugins on your site.

Quick Mail 3.0.4 also preserves WordPress shortcodes in messages, to fix a support issue.

Adding a First Name to Email

From Quick Mail Support:

Is there a way to use a code or something to add a user name to the body of the email. For example other plugins have a code you enter for their name. Like Dear %first_name% or what ever so you can personalize the email. Is that possible. Thanks!

WordPress shortcodes are like dynamic abbreviations. WordPress links a PHP function to shortcode. You enter text surrounded by brackets. For example [first_name] is a shortcode.

WordPress matches “first_name” with a PHP function.

Quick Mail understands shortcodes. I wrote a shortcode to display an email recipient’s first name.

Get quick-mail-first-name-shortcode.php from Github. Copy and paste the file into your theme’s functions.php.

Use [first_name] to include the recipient’s first name in a message.

Where Did My Name Go?

My shortcode was not an ideal solution, because Quick Mail displayed translated shortcodes after a message was sent.

I updated Quick Mail to preserve the original message. Messages with shortcodes can be reused, like templates.

I enjoy fixing WordPress problems and improving Quick Mail.

Get Quick Mail from WordPress or Github

Download Quick Mail 3.0.4 from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Follow development on GitHub.

Quick Mail 3.0.4 was tested with WordPress 4.8 release candidates, including multisite.

I hope Quick Mail makes your life easier. Please leave a review to help others find it.

Thanks to everyone who has been translating Quick Mail. Please join the translation project so more people can use Quick Mail in their language.

Review my previous articles on Quick Mail for additional information. Download Quick Mail to try it now.