Where Did My Brain Go?

Why I Stopped Blogging

I stopped blogging. I am selling this domain, because I do not have time to maintain this blog.

Bad Marriages and two unfinished books are filling my free time. My brain can only think about so much at one time.

Additionally, every Website requires maintenance and updates. There is no reason to maintain this blog, unless I am writing new articles for it.

I need more time to ride my bicycle, and publish old writing projects.

I rode my bicycle or walked almost every morning, until my dear friend Larry died, while we were walking.

I was sad after Larry died. Blogging helped me. Readers left thoughtful comments. However, my sadness deepened after I was laid off from my great job.

On The Rebound

Luckily, I met dear Karen. I was blogging, but I was also unemployed. But we moved from Lexington, Kentucky to Tampa, Florida.

One of my daughters recommended Tampa. Her sister joined us the following year. We all like Tampa. It is hard not to like Tampa.

According to the census, Tampa and Lexington are about the same size. But Tampa gets ten million visitors every year. Because Tampa has superior weather and many attractions.

Additionally, Tampa is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area. Tampa residents can drive a half hour to enjoy a day on the beaches of neighboring Pinellas County. Visiting Clearwater Beach is like going on vacation.

Tampa uses some of its revenue from tourism, to maintain many pristine parks with bicycle paths, water fountains, clean restrooms. It is amazing to me, to find this in 2020.

I started riding my bicycle and blogging about it in Tampa. I even rode during Tampa’s oppressive Summer heat. I enjoyed blogging about our adventures in Tampa.

Sadly, Karen died. I went on a nomadic journey for a year, staying with friends in Florida. I rode my bicycle and started two books.

I want to publish those books before I die.

Start Blogging

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I am also selling Where Did My Brain Go (dot) net.

Both domains are available from Sedo. Please contact me if you want to make an offer to buy both domains, and I will reduce the price.

I stopped blogging. You can start blogging today!