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Get Quick Mail 1.2.2

Discover the latest version of Quick Mail.

Quick Mail is a WordPress plugin. Use Quick Mail to send a quick email with an attachment from the WordPress Dashboard.

Quick Mail includes options to display a user list to editors and administrators.

Hide the user list to send mail to anyone. Quick Mail verifies the recipient’s domain, and saves manually entered addresses.

Use Quick Mail to send an email with an attachment to a WordPress user on your site, or anyone.

Quick Mail sends text or HTML mail. Paste a Web page into a message.

The Quick Mail 1.2.2 update adds two useful features: dismissible notices and somewhat responsive form design. Quick Mail 1.2.2 was tested with WordPress 4.2.3.

Was My Message Sent?

Quick Mail only displays a few status messages, to make it easier to translate. I tried to be cute when I created Quick Mail, and used jQuery to make status messages disappear after 4 seconds.

If I sent an email and walked away for ten minutes, my message would be on the screen when I returned.

However, there was nothing to indicate if I was still editing, or the message was mailed to its recipient.

Dismiss Your Messages

I replaced the vanishing messages with dismissible notices.

Dismissible notices were introduced in WordPress 4.2. Users must close a dismissible notice.

Never worry about sending a duplicate message.

Responsive Design

Quick Mail 1.2.2 is easier to use on a phone.

The form labels are aligned to the left on phones. Better, but I would like to improve this.

Where is the Premium Version?

I update many WordPress plugins on my day job. Half of these plugins are missing features, unless you order the “Premium Version.”

There is no Premium Version of Quick Mail.

Get Quick Mail from GitHub and WordPress

Quick Mail requires WordPress 4.2 for dismissible messages.

Download Quick Mail from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Fork Quick Mail on GitHub to add new features.

Support is available, but no problems have been reported :)

I hope you enjoy using Quick Mail. Please leave a review to help others find it.