Where Did My Brain Go?

How To Ask Bear Grylls A Question

This information is outdated. Please see How To Contact Bear Grylls

I am just starting to come around, after being target practice for a sniper, last week.

Today was the first day I felt “normal.”

First, I updated Plaxico Burress on Wikipedia, then wrote about him here. I even Tweeted about it. However, Plaxico Burress, is an idiot, who messed up New York Giants season, and it did not leave me in a good mood.

Thankfully, Bear Grylls always puts me in a good mood, so I searched for some news about him.

I started at Twitter, where Grylls tweeted that he is filming something in Alaska. Great news — because his shoulder must be better.

Then I visited Bear's Blog, and found something interesting.

Where Is Bear Grylls Now?

Bear Grylls endorses two “fan sites.” Both sites are maintained by “Melissa.” Her MySpace Page states she is 34, and lives in Connecticut. Unfortunately, MySpace is broken. I tried logging in, but could not read her profile.

On almost every link, MySpace tried to send me b.ashx, which Firefox did not understand. I guess they only tested it with Windows. <g>

After switching to their new “lite view” I was able to learn that Melissa is married, and a Leo, but I started getting the same error, on every link, so I logged out of MySpace.

Melissa's other site, includes a forum, hosted by FreeForums.org, which worked fine.

Ask Bear Grylls

Check out Melissa's Ask Bear forum, where she has posted almost a question a day, for over two years.

Apparently, if your question is good enough, Melissa, who might not exercise enough, because there are no photos of her, on either site, will forward it to Bear Grylls somehow, and transcribe his response.

Although Bear Grylls did not answer my Twitter question, you may have better luck using Melissa's forum!