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Quick Mail 3.5.8 on Github

Discover the latest version of Quick Mail.

I removed Quick Mail from the WordPress plugin repository on November 12, 2019.

Quick Mail 3.5.8 is only available on Github.

I created the Quick Mail WordPress plugin in 2014, to send an email with an attachment from the WordPress Dashboard.

I added a WP-CLI command in 2017, to use Quick Mail from the command line.

Quick Mail also lets you reply to comments privately.

No instruction manual needed! Because Quick Mail includes comprehensive help systems for settings and usage.

I also added privacy options, to comply with GDPR regulations for European users.

Finally, Quick Mail recognizes settings from the official WordPress plugins bt the Sparkpost, SendGrid and Mailgun email delivery services.

Use Quick Mail to send reliable email from WordPress, that will not be delivered to a spam folder.

Quick Mail 3.5.8 is the 43rd update. There are no known bugs, or unresolved issues.

Quick Mail Changes

I replaced WordPress support and FAQ links with their Github equivalents.

You can download a .zip release of Quick Mail from Github, just like WordPress.

However, you must install Github Updater plugin, to update Quick Mail on the WordPress Dashboard.

You also need the Github Update plugin to be notified of new releases.

The Future of Quick Mail

I use this plugin almost every day. Quick Mail 3.5.8 is not the last version.

Although I have no plans to add features to Quick Mail, I would like to update it when WordPress is updated.

Therefore, you should expect a Quick Mail 4.0.0 release after WordPress 5.4 is released.

Quick Mail Support

Please use Github issues for support.

No Github Account? No Problem!

Leave me a comment with your question at the end of this article.

Quick Mail Support on WordPress received less than 20 questions since 2014.

Get Quick Mail from Github

Download Quick Mail from Github.

I tested Quick Mail 3.5.8 with WordPress 5.3.

Quick Mail is also tested with nightly releases during development, including multisite.

Please refer to my previous articles on Quick Mail for additional information.

I hope Quick Mail improves your WordPress blog, and your life. :)